Hello, we are Studio Maya

We're a digital agency working in design, development & digital marketing across the wellness space.

We do good work we care about, with good people we respect.
We didn't just get a brand, we got an education on how to apply it, which proved invaluable as we moved from development to implementation.
Jack — Founder of BASE
After a few interactions with the team, I knew I wanted to work with them for everything digital, including advertising and marketing. They just behave in a way that makes it easy to trust them.
Ben — Co-Founder Battersea Spanish
It was important to us to work with a team that shared our values. It has meant we’ve been working with a team who are fully in the room and bursting with passion.
Lauren — Pregnant Then Screwed
Maya offers a professional partnership, working with enthusiasm, clarity, flair and diligence.
Olivia — Temwa
We couldn’t be happier with the work we’ve done together. Not only have Maya helped us resolve some immediate niggles, but they’ve set us on a journey of digital transformation that the whole organisation has bought into.
Nick — Director of Funding TFSL

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