Moody Month

Moody Month is an incredibly exciting startup that is creating a digital ecosystem for hormones, cycles and moods.

We worked with their team creating a rapid prototype for their beta, built their first digital presence and have now developed that to become an affiliate store that integrates with their iOS app in complex, interesting ways.

Informed by your logs, menstrual cycle and physical stats, Moody Month is an app that helps you connect with the fluctuations of your hormone cycle and changes in your daily wellbeing. The more you give Moody Month, the more it gives you.


Using the Laravel framework, we built a custom magazine site with a difference.

The site integrates with the iOS app and recommends content and supplements based on what you have logged.

eCommerce & affiliate campaigns

We have helped the Moody team monetise their platform via creation of a basic eCommerce platform as well as the implementation of an affiliate program.

Search Engine Optimisation

Since launch we have provided advice on search engine optimisation strategy and how this can be built into their content calendar in a way that is meaningful to their users as well as Google.

We have optimised existing articles, suggested articles and topics to be covered and helped the team create key articles to ensure their audience find them more easily.


Our agile processes mean that we have been able to provide support to the Moody team whenever they have needed it, whether designing a new document for an important presentation, creating newsletter campaigns or editing site content, we have been able to respond rapidly to their requests making us a valued part of the team.

We regularly report on every element of the site and related marketing activity enabling us to highlight opportunities and recommend next steps to ensure all effort is efficient.

Services used on this project

UX (User Experience)
Web Design
Custom CMS
App Integration
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Paid Campaigns

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