Why You Need a Digital Brand Guide
Written by
Operations Director

First of all, why not? It’s 2022!

But also there are lots of reasons why as a brand, in this crazy world as we know it today, it’s pretty important to produce a digital brand document, or a single point of truth for your brand in a digital space.

It will save you time and money

It may not seem like it at first but it will. How many times have you searched for the latest version of your logo? How often do you update your brand guidelines to ensure you capture the latest evolution of your brand? How easy would it be to ping your customers or suppliers with a quick link to a central repository that stores all of your brand assets for them to download and work with? Brands are living things, they develop and evolve over time.

Investing in a digital brand guide, and giving someone (or your agency) the responsibility and editing rights to keep it up-to-date and it’s done, long-term. Even if you plan a rebrand we can easily update the online space with your new branding. You’ve invested in the tech once and a refresh is often easy to apply.

Easy to keep up-to-date

We use a simple CMS to create digital brand guides for our clients. The system is so easy to use and often clients require only a short training session and they are off. If you don’t have the capacity to manage this yourself we can manage that for you. Usually we will look to deploy your brand guide on a subdomain of your existing website, for example brand.maya.agency meaning its very easy to remember!

Build brand integrity

It’s never going to hurt your brand to show that you care and have invested in ensuring it is always represented appropriately. Consistency of brand application and use should come from within. Your staff should care about this and what better way to show them how serious you are about it than with a digital brand guide. Its public facing, it demonstrates your belief in your brand and it will help to strengthen brand recognition.

Most importantly — digital first

Often, maybe not so much these days (I hope), but definitely in the past, digital brand application has been considered later in the process. This results in a bad experience or inconsistencies when the brand is used in a digital space. A digital brand guide puts digital first, organising your brand assets in a space that is easy to navigate, understand and update.

Want one? Drop us an email and let’s make some magic happen!