Creative Director

Chris our Creative Director has been with Maya since its foundation in 2018 and has worked with some of the team since 2015.

His background is in graphic design, with over 15 years’ experience specialising in logo and digital design, with a focus on digital design applications. He also has a background in front-end development and started coding around the same time he was getting into design, which gives him great insight into web and app design and allows him to cross the threshold from UX > Design > Development. Chris makes the visual decisions on all our projects — how we want things to look and feel. He feels it’s important to have opinions on what’s happening in the industry and has been published in Computer Arts on several occasions over the years.

Outside of work, you’ll likely find him off on adventures in his Mini or on his bikes. Chris runs a small community for cycling called Araf (Welsh for slow), which focuses on the importance of taking your time to enjoy your surroundings.

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